At DAEH LAW, we specialize in providing creative, innovative, and forward-thinking solutions to the tax, legal, and financial challenges businesses and individuals encounter across their personal and professional lives. Our expertise includes providing tax, legal, and financial strategies that maximize wealth, minimize liability, reduce risk, limit tax obligations and capitalize on favorable state and federal law. 


We believe that superior quality tax advice, legal counsel, and financial planning are practical necessities that shouldn't be a luxury service available only to the well-off. As a result, we pride ourselves on providing excellence in everything we do and say, with a goal of delivering client-centered and personally tailored representation that is straightforward and understandable so that you can make better, smarter, and more strategic decisions about some of the most important issues in life and business.


The combination of our tax, legal, and financial backgrounds puts DAEH LAW in a strategic position to take on clients and cases that are difficult or poorly suited for a singular focused professional. As a result, we can provide a much broader range of expertise across the full range of unique tax, legal, and financial issues our client encounter.

And we can deliver that expertise in a way that saves time and money by avoiding the need for our clients to work with multiple professionals on a given matter. Having one professional with the knowhow and skill to attack all the issues at play prevents the problem of multiple independent professionals weighing in on the same matter and offering competing and contradictory advice.




Phone: (612) 405-2192




I’m a Tax Attorney, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and Financial Expert who specializes in providing advice, guidance, and representation to individuals and businesses on a range of tax, legal, and financial matters.

I provide a range of tax, legal, and financial services but excel at helping mid-to-high income and net-worth individuals, families, business owners, executives, and professionals with their advanced to complex tax, legal, and financial needs.


My expertise involves providing creative, innovative, and forward-thinking solutions to the range of challenges clients encounter, and regularly entails the identification, planning, and implementation of tax strategies, financial plans, and legal solutions that maximize wealth, minimize liability, limit risk, reduce taxes, and capitalize on favorable state and federal laws.


I also work with and help other professionals in related fields such as realtors, insurance brokers, financial advisers and planners, accountants and tax preparers, and civil and family law attorneys, among others, where I provide a range of assistance, including reviews, opinions, and valuations on many of the tax, financial, and legal matters that arise with their clients and cases.


I’m uniquely skilled at providing expert advice, assistance, and support for the many tax, financial, and legal issues that arise in the course of civil litigation, family law, and business transactions, including compromised settlements, divisions of property, real estate transactions, business sales, transfers, acquisitions, dispositions, and dissolutions, among many others.


Client matters regularly entail competing, contradictive, and overlapping tax, legal, and financial issues that demand a comprehensive understanding and creative approach to the issues at play so the combination of my many backgrounds strategically positions me to take on cases and clients that are poorly suited for other professionals with a singular professional focus.





Phone: (612) 405-2192

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