At DAEH LAW, our consultations offer an easy, yet effective way for you to get expert answers, advice, and guidance to your questions and issues without the high cost of full representation. If you want to talk with an expert by phone or in-person to ask questions, get some basic info, review your issue or issues, understand your legal rights, and identify your best course of action, a consultation in a relaxed, comfortable setting is a great way to get help at a fraction of the cost.

Every question, issue or matter is unique and varies in complexity, ranging from the simple and easy to the complex and nuanced. Some issues are extremely simple and straightforward, only requiring 15 to 45 minutes to fully address. Whereas, other issues are more complex and complicated requiring several days to fully resolve. Regardless of your situation, getting some advice and guidance on the issues at play, answers to your questions, and helpful information before moving forward is the key.


Consequently, a brief phone consultation or a more thorough in-person consultation are both affordable options and often the ideal solution for many clients looking to understand and resolve their tax, financial, and legal issues without formal representation.




We charge $355 for an in-person consultation which involves answering questions, educating you on the tax, legal, and financial implications of your situation, and providing expert advice and guidance on how to proceed. So if you only have a couple of questions and just want some reassurance before moving forward, an in-person consultation is ideal. Please note that in-person consultations are for a maximum of 1.5 hours. After 1.5 hours, the cost of the consultation is $355 plus $75 for each additional 15 minutes of time spent. 




We charge $75 for each 15 minutes of time addressing your tax, legal, and financial issues and providing expert advice and guidance on how to proceed. So if you only have a couple of questions and only need a quick call to bounce some ideas off of an expert before moving forward, a phone consultation is ideal. 


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