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You can find any number of inexperienced and incompetent attorneys with little to no expertise charging outrageous prices of $500 or more an hour for basic assistance with no advice or guidance on any tax and/or financial issues. On top of their outrageous hourly fee, they require $5,000 to $10,000 dollars in upfront retainers before they are even willing to hear about your issue or lift a finger.


DAEH LAW thinks the overpriced hourly fees and large upfront retainers don't work. Trust is the number one component to a successful professional relationship so overcharging and asking for huge sums of money before ever doing any work doesn't establish or build a trusting relationship or demonstrate your value as a professional.

As a result, at DAEH LAW, our pricing is simple and straightforward; we charge $295 an hour for the time we spend on your case, matter, or issue at hand. Even though we could charge more for the tax, legal, and financial expertise we provide, we want to ensure that we don't price out the clients that want invaluable and necessary advice, guidance, and counsel for some of the most important issues and matters in your life.  


And given that you'll pay more than $250 an hour for a plumber, electrician, or mechanic, we feel the cost of our services is an extremely fair and reasonable price for the tax, legal, and financial expertise we provide to our clients.


We know that much of the attorney-client relationship is spent communicating about the ongoing matter, including answering client questions, providing information on the case, educating the client on the relevant issues, outlining the pros and cons of an identified course of action, and helping the client make the ultimate decision on how to proceed.


Consequently, we believe a lower hourly rate allows for a more balanced relationship and approach to providing immense value, achieving our clients’ desired results, and delivering high-quality services. We cringe when we hear clients say they hesitate to call, email or ask questions in an effort to prevent high attorney fees so it's our main goal and objective to provide the utmost value for the time spent.


We know your legal needs don’t fit into a nice, neat little box. Sometimes, they’re simple and only require some basic information, general insight, and tailored advice on the specific issue, question, or matter you're facing. Other times, your needs are extremely complex and require extensive tax, financial, and legal expertise and insight to help navigate the challenging matters at hand.


Regardless of what your needs are, we understand that your issues are dynamic and encompass a range of potential tax, financial, and legal issues that are extremely unique to you and your matter. As a result, we only treat each client's needs with the appropriate amount of time, attention, and expertise necessary to achieve the results desired or resolve the issue at play.


We also understand that because your needs vary from the simple to the complex, attempting to treat every client relationship the exact same doesn’t make practical sense, address your financial concerns, or meet your budgetary constraints.


As a result, we don’t presume that you need full legal representation every time you contact us. Instead, we seek to tailor our services to your needs and financial constraints. So if all you need is some basic information, tailored advice or quality guidance, we’re here to help. At the same time, if you need full representation, we’ll have you covered as well.


We believe there’s a better, smarter, and more strategic way of delivering service to our clients so we’ll find the right fit for what you need no matter what. We're flexible with payment options and terms, and rarely require our clients to provide an upfront retainer, if ever. We want you to see the degree of expertise, value, and work product before having to hand over your hard-earned money. This way, you get a sense of what to expect before spending any money. 

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