Phone: (612) 405-2192



 University of Wisconsin Law School

  • Juris Doctorate (Law Degree)

 University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee

  • Masters in Accounting & Taxation

  • Bachelors in Accounting & Taxation

 Bay View High School

  • Math & Science Major



State Licensed Attorney

  • Wisconsin

  • Minnesota

  • Colorado

  • South Dakota

  • Wyoming

Federal District Courts

  • Wisconsin

  • Minnesota 

Tax Court Practice

  • US Tax Court

  • State Tax Court

Certified Public Accountant

  • Wisconsin

  • Minnesota

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst

  • Nationwide Financial Expert

Notary Public 

  • Minnesota

  • Wisconsin



Chris is a Tax Attorney, Certified Public Accountant (CPA), and Financial Expert who specializes in providing advice, guidance, and representation to individuals, professionals, and businesses on a range of tax, legal, and financial matters.


Chris provides a range of services but excels at helping middle-to-high income and net-worth individuals, families, business owners, executives, and professionals with their advanced to complex needs in the overlapping areas of tax, law, and finance.


His expertise involves providing creative, innovative, and forward-thinking solutions to the range of challenges clients encounter, and regularly entails the identification, planning, and implementation of tax strategies, financial plans, and legal solutions that maximize wealth, minimize liability, limit risk, reduce taxes, and capitalize on favorable state and federal laws.


Chris also works with and helps other professionals in related fields such as financial advisers, accountants, bankers, realtors, insurance brokers, and civil and family law attorneys, among others, where he provides a range of assistance, including reviews, opinions, and assistance on many of the tax, financial, and legal matters that arise with their clients or cases.


Chris is uniquely skilled at providing expert advice, assistance, and support for the many tax, financial, and legal issues that arise in the course of civil litigation, family law, and business transactions, including compromised settlements, divisions of property, real estate transactions, business sales, transfers, acquisitions, dispositions, and dissolutions, among many others.


Prior to law school, Chris worked at multiple Big Four accounting firms, boutique wealth management practices, and several large corporations, providing a range of tax, accounting, and financial consulting work. During law school, he spent three years at public defender offices honing his skills and abilities as a seasoned litigator and negotiator.


As a result of those experiences, Chris has a rare ability to appreciate, understand, and address the dynamic, interconnected, and complex tax, legal, and financial challenges a client faces from a variety of perspectives. Yet, he’s able to refine the complexity of those issues into a simple and understandable manner that clients can easily comprehend that’s not overwhelming.  


Client matters regularly entail competing, contradictive, and overlapping tax, legal, and financial issues that demand a comprehensive understanding and creative approach to the issues at play so the combination of my many backgrounds strategically positions me to take on cases and clients that are poorly suited for other professionals with a singular professional focus.


Additionally, given his diverse skill-sets and backgrounds, Chris is well suited to address the dynamic and complex array of issues that normally require multiple professionals’ time and attention. As a result, Chris’ clients save time and money by avoiding the need to work with multiple professionals on a given matter. 


Furthermore, having one professional address an issue prevents the challenge of competing advice, contradictory guidance, and a general state of confusion resulting from separate professionals weighing in on the same matter.





−       Business Planning and Formation

−       General Corporate Matters

−       Multi-State Tax and Financial Issues

−       Business Entity Strategic Tax Structuring (Holding Companies; S-Corps; LLCs; etc.)

−       Employer Retirement Accounts (Keogs/SEPs/SIMPLEs/401Ks)

−       Employee Stock Ownership Plans

−       Business Tax Planning and Forecasting

−       Succession and Transition Planning For Business Owners

−       Valuations & Financial Reviews (Businesses; SE Income; Investments; Assets, etc.)



−       Tax Reviews and Opinions

−       Choice of Entity Issues & Strategies

−       Tax Dispute Negotiation and Resolution

−       Tax Controversy Representation

−       Income Tax Planning and Forecasting

−       Sales and Exchanges of Real Estate (1031 Exchanges)

−       State Tax Nexus and Filing Issues

−       Cross Border Tax Issues

−       Tax Return Review and Preparation

−       Business Acquisitions & Sales



−       Wills and Testamentary Trusts

−       Revocable and Irrevocable Trusts

−       Estate Tax, Asset Transfer, and Wealth Planning

−       Business Succession Planning

−       Estate and Gift Tax Planning, Preparation and Strategies

−       Income and Estate Tax Return Preparation

−       Trust Administration and Independent Trustee Services

−       Private Foundations and Family Limited Partnerships

−       Tax Preparation (Fiduciary Income Tax Returns and Estate Tax Returns)



−       Tax & Financial Expertise (Advice, Guidance; Counsel; etc.)

−       Strategic Tax, Financial and Estate Planning Assistance

−       Tax Projections and Future Modeling

−       High Net Worth Tax and Estate Planning

−       Wealth Transfer and Asset Protection

−       Business Reviews and Valuations

−       Tax Reviews and Opinions in Litigation Matters

−       Tax and Financial Consulting

−       Audit Advice and Representation

−       Financial Mediation and Dispute Resolution

−       Tax Audits and Financial Reviews in Civil Matters

−       Neutral Financial Evaluations, Reviews, and Valuations