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The terms and conditions of working with DAEH LAW and your rights as a client are described below as well as some additional information and explanation about the attorney-client relationship between you as the client and DAEH LAW. The Agreement is a standard set of terms and conditions where the majority of the content is basic information about working with an attorney, your rights as the client, and some additional standard information about the attorney-client relationship. As a result, you shouldn't have any questions, issues, or concerns with this document; however, if you do have any questions, concerns, or reservations about anything included, don't hesitate to call or email.

*Please note that your request and/or receipt of any advice, guidance, or services from DAEH LAW constitutes your acknowledgment, agreement, and acceptance of the terms of representation as detailed herein. Therefore, please take the time to review all of the terms and conditions of working with us before moving forward or requesting our assistance to avoid any billing surprises or disputes.


The Terms of Service & Representation, (hereafter referred to as the "Agreement") as described below, is a formal legal contract for professional services between DAEH LAW (hereafter referred to as the "Attorney") and you, the party seeking the services from DAEH LAW (hereafter referred to as the "Client"). This Agreement protects you, the Client, and us, the Attorney, and is primarily intended to prevent any confusion, misunderstandings, or disagreements between us. It’s important to note that this Agreement varies the law otherwise applicable to attorney liens and the resolution of fee disputes so it’s important that you read it thoroughly and understand all of its terms and conditions since it affects your legal rights after you receive any services from us. If you do not understand this Agreement or any of its contents, or if this Agreement does not contain all the terms and conditions discussed, please call it to our attention. You have an absolute right to discuss this Agreement with independent counsel (or any other advisor if you like) before entering into this arrangement and we encourage you to do so, especially if you have any questions, concerns, or reservations.


By moving forward and retaining any services from the Attorney, i.e., DAEH LAW, or its employees, agents, representatives, affiliates, or related parties, the Client and Guarantor hereby acknowledge and affirm that he/she/it/they has/have read and understood this Agreement in its entirety and understand all of the terms and conditions or retaining our representation and has/have discussed any questions or concerns regarding the Terms of Service & Representation's contents with the Attorney or outside professionals. By receiving any assistance, advice, guidance, counsel, or other services from the Attorney, the Client and Guarantor hereby acknowledge and affirm that he/she/it/they fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions of the Terms of Service & Representation and willingly and voluntarily agree to retain the services of the Attorney in accordance with the conditions outlined in the Terms of Service & Representation.

THIS AGREEMENT is entered into by and between AMY JOHANNSEN (hereafter referred to as the “Client”) and DAEH LAW pllc (hereafter referred to as the “Attorney”). This Agreement acknowledges the retention and employment of the Attorney by the Client, the fee arrangement agreed to, and the scope of representation by which the Attorney will assist the Client. The Client understands that the Attorney cannot guarantee the results or outcome of any representation and hereby acknowledges and agrees that no promises or guarantees have been made by the Attorney regarding the result or outcome of this or any matter. This Agreement will not take effect and the Attorney will have no obligation to provide any tax, legal, and/or financial services to the Client until the Client returns a signed copy of this Agreement and pays any fees or deposits called for under this Agreement.


The scope of the engagement is limited to the specific issue(s) and/or matter(s) described in the following section. Following the completion of the specific services to be provided and/or performed as outlined below, the scope of the engagement will be closed and the attorney-client relationship regarding this matter will expire and terminate. Any work, services, and/or representation in addition to or outside of the scope of engagement and specific services listed below will not require a separately executed agreement by the Client and the Attorney. Rather, by signing this Agreement, the Client hereby agrees to apply all of the terms and conditions in this Agreement to any and all services provided by the Attorney.


The services mutually agreed to be provided and/or performed by the Attorney for and on behalf of the Client include tax advice, financial guidance, and/or legal representation related to, in connection with, and/or arising out of the Client’s tax, legal, and financial issue(s) and matter(s). Any assistance and/or representation provided to the Client or performed by the Attorney on the Client’s behalf will include any advice, guidance, and counsel related to, in connection with, and/or arising out of the Client’s issue(s) and/or matter(s) including but not limited to any and all services that occur for and on behalf of the Client.

It is understood by the Client that it is not possible to list all the work that may be required in working on the Client’s issue(s) and/or matter(s) but it is understood that such work includes direct and indirect time spent for and on the Client’s behalf, including but not limited to electronic and phone communications to and from the Client, handling and reviewing incoming documents and records, preparing written communications, documents and/or other informational material for and/or on behalf of the Client, performing tax, financial, and legal research, travel to or from meetings and in-person appearances, and any other activities related to the Client’s issue(s) and/or matter(s).

The Client authorizes the Attorney to use associate counsel, legal assistants, and/or paralegals for any such work the Attorney might deem appropriate. The Client acknowledges and agrees that such staff personnel may be utilized whenever deemed appropriate and directs the Attorney to apportion work at the Attorney’s discretion.



The Attorney will provide professional services reasonably required to assist and/or represent the Client and shall take reasonable steps to keep the Client informed of its progress and to respond to inquiries and questions in a reasonably prompt manner. The Client shall be truthful with the Attorney, cooperate in the preparation and representation of the issue and/or matter, appear on reasonable notice for questions and follow-up, keep the Attorney informed of developments, abide by this Agreement, pay the Attorney’s bills on time and keep the Attorney advised of the Client’s address, telephone number, and email address. The Client agrees not to compromise matter without discussing any contemplated action with the Attorney in advance and the Attorney is not authorized to compromise the matter without the Client’s consent and approval.


All communications in any form (verbal, written, or other) between the Client and the Attorney are confidential and protected by the attorney-client privilege. As a general rule, anything and everything discussed or communicated between the Attorney and Client is and will be treated as confidential information, protected by the attorney-client privilege and forbidden from disclosure to any third-party under any circumstances whatsoever. There are certain rare exceptions where communications made between the Attorney and Client are not confidential or protected by the attorney-client privilege; however, they are very uncommon occasions and unlikely to occur during the scope of representation with the Client.

The Client understands that privileged and protected information discussed, communicated about, and/or disclosed to another person or in the presence of another person including via email communications loses it protection under the attorney-client privilege and will no longer be confidential or protected from disclosure in a legal proceeding. Consequently, any person (even relatives or financial professionals) can be deposed or examined in a legal proceeding about the information disclosed or discussed by the Client. Additionally, a Client’s defense of reasonable reliance on attorney advice or counsel in regards to an action or position taken will constitute a complete waiver of the attorney-client privilege and void any confidential and protected nature of the information in question. The Client understands that applicable ethics rules prohibit the Attorney from taking direction from or giving confidential information to another person who happens to be financially or otherwise supporting the Client or paying the Client’s legal costs.


Cost for Less Than 3 Hours of Assistance Needed or Required

For small matters that don't require more than 3 hours of time, we charge $75.00 for every 15 minutes of time spent addressing your tax, legal, and financial issues which includes answering questions, educating you on the tax, legal, and financial implications of your situation and the various options available, and providing expert advice and guidance on how to proceed. We consider anything less than 3 hours to be a consultation that is designed to identify, assess, and resolve the specific questions and issues you have in a limited amount of time.


As noted above, consultations are $75.00 for each 15 minutes of time spent which results in a charge of $300 per hour of time spent. Please note that there is a minimum of 1 hour or $300 billed for any consultation and any time spent is billed in 15-minute blocks of time that are rounded up to the nearest 15-minute block.

Cost for More than 3 Hours of Assistance Needed or Required

Consultations are limited to 3 hours of time so if your matter requires more than 3 hours of time to address or resolve, we reduce the cost of our assistance to $63.75 for every 15 minutes of time which results in a charge of $255 per hour of time spent which is a 15% reduction and savings on the hourly charge. The $255 hourly rate is applied to the entire amount of time spent addressing your questions and issues so you end up paying less for more time. 


Please be aware that new clients with no previous history working with us are required to make an advance payment (upfront deposit) for the services they need or request. Unfortunately, due to the high demand for my assistance and the little time I have to take on new clients, requiring an advance payment or upfront deposit is the only way to ensure my time is spent effectively and productively. We generally require that you make an advance deposit of $575 to $2,575 or more depending on how much time your issue or matter will take. 


Please note that any advance payments (upfront deposits) made are billed against the time spent on your issue, matter, or case so any unused funds remaining at the conclusion of the services requested are refunded to you without question or delay. **Furthermore, if you terminate my services at any point in time, any unused funds remaining on hand are refunded to you immediately. 


The Scope of Engagement and Services to be Performed as described above are for the agreed-upon services only and are subject to changes including additional fees above and beyond those initially agreed to by the Attorney and Client if and when unforeseen, unexpected, and/or unanticipated circumstances regarding the nature, scope, or progression of the issue(s) and/or matter(s) occur after the commencement of representation.

The Attorney will provide the Client with electronic notice about any unforeseen, unexpected, and/or unanticipated circumstances regarding the nature, scope, or progression of the issue(s) and/or matter(s)  and any subsequent increase in time and fees as soon as reasonably possible. If the Client does not wish to be charged any additional fees, the Client agrees to terminate the services and/or representation of the Attorney at that point in time. The Client understands that if the Attorney continues to represent the Client past the date of any unforeseen, unexpected, and/or unanticipated circumstances and any subsequent increase in time and fees, the additional fees will become effective and the Client agrees to pay those increased fees for all services rendered thereafter.

The Attorney may modify other terms of this Agreement by notifying the Client ten (10) days in advance of the change and with the same options for the Client to terminate representation at that point in time and the same result (the new Agreement goes into effect) if the Client does not terminate representation and the Attorney continues to represent the Client past the date of the proposed change.


The Client agrees that if the Attorney advances or incurs any costs in for and/or on behalf of the Client, such costs will be reimbursed by the Client to the Attorney upon being billed.


The Attorney will charge the Client for services which include, but are not limited to, the following: (1) phone, email, and other verbal communications with the Client, opposing parties, and other relevant persons; (2) case correspondence; (3) document preparation; (4) legal research; (5) in-person meetings; (6) court appearances; and (7) travel time to and from locations away from the attorney's office and any other time related to, in connection with, and/or arising out of the Attorney’s representation for and/or on behalf of the Client. Services are billed to the Client on the basis of time expended with a minimum charge of one-tenth (.10) of an hour to be billed for each instance of time and/or service rendered and/or provided by the Attorney to, for, and/or on behalf of the Client.

Each party to a legal proceeding has available certain alternatives which will affect the amount of time and resources expended throughout the course of the issue(s) and/or matter(s). Since the time spent on each issue(s) and/or matter(s) varies, as does the nature, scope, and amount of work necessary to achieve a desired result, the Attorney makes no guarantees or promises as to the time expended which the Client's issue(s) and/or matter(s) will require.


The Attorney will send the Client a billing statement for the time expended and any costs, expenses, and/or fees incurred in delivering the services requested. The sum indicated on the billing statement is owed upon delivery to the Client and must be paid according to the specifications of the billing statement and applicable due dates for any installment payments agreed to.

Interest at the rate of 21 percent annually (1.75 percent per month) will be charged on any unpaid balance beginning on the date of any statement showing such an outstanding balance is generated. The interest provision is not an agreement to extend credit, but is a method of compensating the Attorney for delayed payment. However, the Attorney regularly waives any applicable interest where the Client prioritizes the payment of its balance owed and makes a consistent and dedicated effort to pay down the outstanding balance owed over time. As such, it’s unlikely interest will ever be incurred.


Obviously, it is possible for mistakes to happen and the Client is not expected to pay for any charges that are incorrect. The Client may call, e-mail or write the Attorney’s office with an inquiry concerning billing statements. Most actual errors can be resolved with a simple phone call and the Attorney will inform the Client whether a mistake is acknowledged and promptly send an amended billing statement showing any adjustment or correction resulting from any such correction.

The Client acknowledges and agrees that any billing inquiries, disputes as to the accuracy or validity of any billed charges, and/or requests for adjustment of any costs, expenses or fees for services billed to the Client must be made in writing to the Attorney within thirty days (30) of the date of the billing statement. If the Client does not contact the Attorney regarding its billing issue or request within thirty days (30) of a billing statement, the statement will be conclusively presumed to be correct.

In other words, if the Client does not contact us in writing within thirty days (30) of receiving its billing statement, the Client will have irrevocably agreed that the statement is accurate and correct. Any person or party reviewing any dispute regarding charges on a billing statement is asked to honor this provision since it is an essential term to the Attorney’s agreement to represent the Client in this case or matter.

As stated above, while the Client should presume that all time spent attending to the Client’s case by the Attorney will be billed, the Attorney may elect to write off or discount some costs, expenses, and/or fees for services provided.

If the Attorney files a lien to recover unpaid fees and/or costs incurred on the Client’s behalf or if the Client seeks to formally dispute the Attorney’s billings by initiating mediation, arbitration, and/or litigation of a fee dispute in any forum, all write-offs and discounted costs, expenses, and/or fees for services reflected on any billing statement to the Client will be removed and revert to being fully billed on the Client’s billing statement.

These provisions are explicitly written to prevent a situation where the Attorney reduces the Client’s bill by writing off costs, expenses, and/or fees for services provided during a case and then the Client seeks to reduce the sums owed further by disputing the Client’s responsibility to pay the reduced sum. They are intended to provide incentives for both the Attorney and the Client to informally and promptly resolve any questions or concerns about the legitimacy of any item billed on any billing statement and to provide certainty that once a statement is thirty days old, the costs, expenses, and/or fees for services provided reflected on that statement are agreed to be accurate and correct by the Attorney and the Client.

In accordance with the Uniform Commercial Code, no payments made to the Attorney for less than the full sum owed shall constitute payment in full, even if that notation is placed on the payment instrument, unless the Attorney and the Client both sign a separate written agreement specifically permitting such payment to constitute a payment-in-full. The Client agrees to pay any fees and costs that are incurred by the Attorney to collect fees, costs or expenses from the Client, including reasonable attorney’s fees.


The Client hereby grants the Attorney a lien on any and all claims or causes of action that are related to the subject of the Attorney’s representation under this Agreement. The Attorney’s lien will be for any sums due and owing to the Attorney at the conclusion of the Attorney’s services. The lien will attach to any recovery the Client may obtain, whether by an arbitration award, judgment, settlement or otherwise. Any amounts received by the Attorney’s office on the Client’s behalf may be used to pay the Client’s account.

The Attorney will retain possession of the Client’s file and all information therein until full payment of all costs, expenses and fees for legal services, subject to turnover or destruction of the file as is custom. The Client consents to the district court’s adjudication of any such lien and during the pendency of the underlying action without requiring the filing of a separate action, regardless of whether any other action might be or has been filed by either the Attorney or the Client against the other, including any action alleging malpractice.


The Client may discharge the Attorney at any time, although the Client understands that court rules might still require the Attorney to file a motion to withdraw. The Attorney may withdraw at any time at the Attorney’s discretion. In either such circumstance, the Client agrees to sign the documents necessary to permit the Attorney to withdraw. The Client has been informed that among the events that should be expected to cause the Attorney’s withdrawal from this case are the Client’s breach of any portion of this Agreement (including its payment provisions), the Client’s refusal to cooperate with the Attorney or to follow the Attorney’s advice on a material matter or any other fact or circumstance that would render the Attorney’s continuing representation unlawful, unethical or impractical.

Specifically, while it is the province of the Client to identify the objectives of representation, a lawyer is not required to pursue objectives or employ means simply because a client may wish that the lawyer do so. The terms of a lawyer’s representation may exclude specific objectives or means, including those that a lawyer regards as repugnant or imprudent. If the Client desires to retain other counsel, then the Attorney will be paid the amount then due and owing for work performed for the Client.


When the Attorney’s services conclude, all unpaid charges shall become immediately due and payable. The Attorney will formally withdraw from the case at its conclusion. After payment of all sums due and upon the Client’s request, the Attorney will deliver the Client’s file (other than the Attorney’s personal notes, briefs and work product that the Attorney elects to retain) to the Client, along with any Client funds or property in the Attorney’s possession. If the Attorney is not instructed otherwise, the Client’s file will be kept in the Attorney’s office for a limited time after completion of the case. Following six (6) months from the conclusion of services, any tangible physical files will be returned to the Client or destroyed if the Client fails to take possession of said files. Some client files will be digitized and stored as PDF or other electronic files. If the Client wants the original or copies of any of its files, the Client agrees to request such copies promptly upon the conclusion of services.


While we may not require an upfront retainer payment, interest may be charged on all invoices unpaid after thirty (30) days at the rate of twenty-one percent (21%) per annum. Additionally, if the Client fails to pay any amounts owed, the Client hereby agrees to pay all costs of collection (including attorney’s fees) that we may incur in connection with any unpaid invoices or other amounts owed.

As noted above, the interest provision is not an agreement to extend credit, but is a method of compensating the Attorney for delayed payment. However, the Attorney has and regularly exercises the right to waive any applicable interest where the Client makes a consistent and dedicated effort to pay down their balance over time. As a result, the Clients rarely, if ever, incur any interest following the completion of representation.

GUARANTY OF PAYMENT. The Guarantor absolutely and unconditionally guarantees the punctual payment when due of all obligations of the Client now or later existing under this Engagement Agreement. The Guarantor guarantees that the obligations arising from the Attorney-Client relationship underlying this Agreement will be paid and performed strictly in accordance with the stated terms, regardless of any law, regulation, or order now or later in effect in any jurisdiction affecting any of the terms or the rights of the Attorney and/or Client. The liability of the Guarantor under this Guaranty will be absolute and unconditional irrespective of any circumstance that might otherwise constitute a defense available to, or a discharge of any amounts owed. Regardless of any termination of this Guaranty or the cancellation of any other agreement evidencing the obligations, if at any time any payment of any of the obligations (from any source) is rescinded, repaid, or must otherwise be returned by the Attorney due to the insolvency, bankruptcy, or reorganization of the Client or the Guarantor, or for any other circumstance, this Guaranty will continue to be effective or be reinstated, as the case may be, as though that payment had not been made.

TERMS. The Guarantor agrees that: (i) the obligations under this Guaranty are joint and several and are independent of and in addition to the undertakings of the Client pursuant to the Engagement Agreement, any evidence of indebtedness issued in connection with the services provided by Attorney and any other obligations of the Guarantor to the Attorney; (ii) a separate action may be brought to enforce the provisions of this Guaranty whether the Client is a party in any action or not; (iii) the Attorney may at any time, or from time to time, in its sole discretion: (a) extend or change the time of payment or performance or the manner, place, or terms of payment or performance of any of the obligations; (b) exchange, release, or surrender any of the collateral security, or any part of it, by whomever deposited, which is now or may later be held by the Attorney in connection with any of the obligations; (c) sell or purchase any of the collateral at public or private sale, or at any broker's board, in the manner permitted by law, and after all costs and expenses of every kind for collection, sale, or delivery, the net proceeds of any sale may be applied by the Attorney on any of the obligations; and (d) settle or compromise with the Client, or any other person liable, any of the obligations, or subordinate the payment of it, or any part of it, to the payment of any other debts or claims, that may at any time be due or owing to the Attorney or any other person or corporation; and (iv) the Attorney will be under no obligation to marshal any assets in favor of the Guarantor or in payment of any of the obligations.

WAIVER. The Guarantor waives: (i) presentment, demand, protest, notice of acceptance, notice of dishonor, notice of nonperformance, and any other notice with respect to any of the obligations and this Guaranty, and promptness in commencing suit against any party, or in giving any notice to or making any claim or demand on the Guarantor; (ii) any right to require the Attorney to proceed against the Client, proceed against or exhaust any security held from the Client, or pursue any remedy in the Attorney's power; and (iii) any defense based on any legal disability or other defense of the Client, any other guarantor, or other person or by reason of the cessation or limitation of the liability of the Client from any cause other than full payment of all sums due and payable under the Engagement Agreement and the performance of any other obligations.


Nothing in this Agreement and nothing in the Attorney’s statements to the Client will be construed as a promise or guarantee about the outcome of the Client’s matter. The Attorney makes no such promises or guarantees and any statements, comments or communications about the outcome of the Client’s matter, if any, are expressions of opinion only.

The Client understands and acknowledges that it is impossible to predict, guarantee or promise how long a case will take, how much it will cost, what the resulting outcome may be or provide any other level of complete assurance regarding the specifics of the representation.

The Attorney does not make and has not made any promises or guarantees to the Client about the length or expense of the Client’s case. The Attorney has not and will not make any promises or guarantees as to the outcome of the Client’s case and the Client understands that any statements or communications made in regards to the likely outcome of the Client’s case are expressions of opinions only. The Client has been informed and acknowledges that it is quite likely that unforeseen and unexpected circumstances could occur during the course of representation; resulting in unanticipated consequences such as unpredictable outcomes or additional costs regarding the nature and scope of the legal services and representation agreed to by the Attorney and Client.


This agreement will take effect when the Client has performed the conditions stated in paragraph one, but its effective date will be retroactive to the date the Attorney first provided services, if earlier. Even if this Agreement does not take effect, the Client will be obligated to pay the Attorney the reasonable value of any services the Attorney may have performed for the Client.



The Client hereby represents that it has read this Engagement Agreement and has discussed and resolved any questions, concerns, and/or issues with the Agreement’s terms and conditions and the legal implications thereof with the Attorney. The Client fully understands the terms and conditions of this Agreement and has received a copy of the same. The Client willingly and voluntarily agrees to retain the Attorney in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement under no constraint or undue influence whatsoever. The Client further acknowledges and agrees that the request and/or receipt of any advice, guidance, and/or representation by the Attorney prior to the execution of this Agreement shall apply to the terms and conditions of this Agreement and constitutes agreement in principle to its contents.

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